Nike has made a habit of dropping inimitable themed shoes around the different major championships—which is why it comes as no surprise that Nike has revealed special edition Air Max 1 ’86 OG golf shoes to commemorate the U.S. and Europe for the playing of 44th Ryder Cup in Rome. According to Trendy Golf, these stylish displays of patriotism will be available for purchase on Sept. 28, the day before the competition begins.

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Air Max golf shoes have become more popularized due to the shoe’s main characteristic, the air bubble that sits in the midsole of every shoe designed to provide extreme comfort, while also looking simple and stylish on and off the course. Earlier this year, we saw Nike’s take on the lively culture of LA during the U.S. Open, debuting a vibrant neon pink and green color scheme. The nature of Air Max’s is quite modest, with very clean lines and no-sew overlays that provide the perfect canvas for bold colorways and vibrant pops of color. When it comes to the Ryder Cup, colors play a massive role in delineating who’s rooting for whom, and which fan base has more spirit. Let’s take a closer look at each shoe for each country/team.

United States

By no means is this the first red, white, and blue golf shoe we’ve seen—but Nike’s version of this fan-favorite color trio adds a touch of pizzazz with a metallic upper/mudguard that covers the full length of the shoe—with a fusion of blue and white accents to complete the theme.

The metallic sheen of the shoe isn’t the sole (pun intended) eye-catching feature—there are two sets of star motifs that decorate the shoe. The more obvious grouping is a set of white stars placed in a straight line, or stripe, on the beloved Nike swooshes which are in navy blue. The other set of stars is subtly located on the toecap of the shoes—seemingly etched into the leather. There’s also a small American flag detailing on the tongue of the shoe, underneath the classic Nike branding logo.


There are subtle, yet important differences between the Europe-inspired shoe in comparison to the American-themed shoe. These shoes are slightly more understated—rather than a bright red upper, this version of the AM1 ’86 has the signature European yellow we’re accustomed to seeing. The yellow detailing is seen in the inner lining as well as on the heel tabs of the shoes. The European blue accents on the soles, heel tabs, and insoles of these shoes contrast well with the darker shade of blue on the swooshes. Similar to the other shoe, the star motif etched onto the toe cap is arranged in the European Union star pattern, which can also be found on the tongue of the shoe.

Inscribed on the insoles of both versions of the shoe are the words “prestige”, “tradition”, and “passion”, paying homage to the coveted cup—and one of golf’s most electrifying traditions. More From Golf 2023 Shoe Guide The best men’s golf shoes of 2023 Best New Gear The best women’s golf shoes of 2023 Shoe Style The best golf shoes with white street shoe sneaker styling

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