Hello, (social media) police. We’d like to report a murder.

Seriously, there’s trolling and then there’s what Nick Faldo did to Greg Norman on Twitter over the weekend. Out of the blue and in broad daylight with everyone watching.

It’s no secret there’s no love lost between these two World Golf Hall of Famers – especially these past two years with Norman assuming the role of LIV Golf chief executive – but this is just a brutal takedown. Not that we didn’t find it enjoyable.

Have a look as Faldo, dressed in a “Jaws”-themed t-shirt, is asked, “When was the last time you went shark hunting?” And Faldo glances down at his QUINT’S SHARK FISHING shirt before saying, “1996,” referencing his third and final Masters win when he tracked down a collapsing Norman.

“April ’96 was my last shark hunt.” Sir Nick, you dog!

Damn. That’s cold.

It should be noted the video was shared from a joint Twitter account with his wife, Lindsay. But the 66-year-old golfer retweeted it from his personal account with a trident emoji. Nice touch.

Faldo erased a six-shot deficit that famous Sunday at Augusta National with a 67 to Norman’s 78 to capture his sixth career major. Norman would finish his career with two and zero green jackets.

“I didn’t need a bigger boat, if you know what I mean,” Faldo continues in the video, referring to one of the classic movie’s most memorable lines. “The boat was big enough.”

Geez, ring the bell already! Fight’s over! In any event, guess we know what Nick Faldo’s favourite movie is.

This article was originally published on golfdigest.com