There’s never a dull moment in the life of James Nitties.

The journeyman pro from Newcastle has enjoyed all the highs and lows that come with a career in professional golf – from making it to the PGA Tour and buying a house in America, to sleeping in cockroach-infested motels and being forced to sell said house so he can continue to navigate his away around secondary tours and keep the dream alive. But through it all, he has retained that Aussie sense of humour.

As evidenced by this strange, yet hilarious video he posted to his social media overnight. Nitties, who became a co-world record holder at the 2016 Australian Open when he reeled off nine birdies in a row, may have just set another global benchmark, this time in car sing-a-longs. With COVID restricting flights around the US, it appears Nitties has been hitting the road a lot more to make tournaments. And the long drives are, um, starting to have an effect on him:

From classic Rick Astley to inspirational “Rocky”, Nitties can be seen breaking into his inner-American Idol to keep his sanity on the long road to the top.

If he does make it back on the PGA Tour, a slice of the Player Impact Program’s $40 million war chest could be his for the taking. NetJets here we come, Jimmy! Such a performance is surely better for the PGA Tour’s brand than two beefed-up bombers engaging in a social-media slanging match, right?