We’ve all had rough mornings, but at least they don’t involve dropping a bin full of golf balls and needing to go and pick up each and every one.

However, if the employee featured in the following TikTok is reading this post right now, please let me say that I’m very sorry and also your struggle is very, very funny.


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What can you even say? Whoever’s behind “That’s f–king funny” in the video certainly isn’t wrong. There’s some real pain and sympathy in that laughter, but at the end of the day, it’s the comedy that stands out.

Through some research – scanning the TikTok comments – it seems like this tragedy occurred at the Meadows Golf Club in Littleton, Colorado, so if you ever make the trip out there, you should make sure to stop by this ramp and say a prayer or two.

Honestly, you might still find a golf ball rolling around left over from this incident.