[PHOTO: Ben Walton]

When Scottie Scheffler called Ted Scott to ask him to be his caddie in 2022, Scott didn’t think he was about to start carrying the bag owned by golf’s next superstar.

Scott had seen Scheffler play up close at the 2021 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, where Scheffler paired with Scott’s old boss, Bubba Watson. And that was because nobody else wanted to play with Watson, according to Scheffler. A chance encounter, one might call it.

A few months later, Scott and Watson split, and Scheffler came calling. Scott’s life has since changed in a big way, and he had no idea that would be the case when he took he job.

“When he called me, I had no idea he was that good,” Scott said today at Augusta National. “We [Scott and Bubba Watson] were his partner in New Orleans. I was like, Yeah, he’s a good player, and he’s a great guy. I’d love to hang out with him.

“After two weeks, I was like, This guy is really good. Now it’s like, Wow, he is REALLY good. I’m surprised, too.”

Scheffler is now two green jackets good. Something only a handful of golfers on earth can say. One of them is Scott’s old boss, Watson, who, like Scheffler, picked off two Masters victories in a span of three years.

No disrespect to Watson, but this Scheffler guy is different. While Watson left everyone in awe with his incredible shotmaking ability, Scheffler leaves everyone in awe with his, for lack of a better phrase, boring-to-watch greatness. He has no holes in his game, not even his putting, which was a fun narrative while it lasted.

“What is he not good at? I don’t know,” Scott said. “I think his superpower is people that are super-powerful are good at everything, and he seems to be good at everything. He doesn’t really have a weakness.

“I think people created a weakness in his putting. He’s not a weak putter. He’s a good putter. He’s a very good putter.”

Very good is good enough, and Scheffler is very good at everything, including picking a bag man. Scott claimed that Scheffler had to overcome some “bad caddieing” early in his final round, when he hit just one of his first four greens in regulation. In his winner’s press conference, Scheffler countered by saying Scott was key for him all day, but especially so during the shaky start.

“I was very focused out there today. I felt like I did a really good job,” Scheffler said. “Teddy did a great job of making sure that we kept the golf course in front of us. I didn’t get off to the best start, but I had some key up-and-downs, and Teddy once again did a great job of keeping me in it.”

Scott praised his boss’ patience and his experience around Augusta National, though he did get a touch aggressive on the 13th hole when he didn’t really need to. He was ahead by three strokes but decided to go for the green anyway from the rough. Naturally, he hit a piercing 4-iron to the safe side of the green and two-putted for birdie from 50 feet.

“He just seemed focused on doing Scottie Scheffler things,” Scott said. “That’s what he said on 13. He goes, ‘Should we go for it?’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’ Why don’t we do what we do and what we’re good at? He’s the best ball-striker in the world.

“He hit an unbelievable 4-iron, which is just incredible to that small target. Those targets seem big when you’re caddieing for Scottie Scheffler. That’s how good he is.”

As they made their way from the 18th green to the clubhouse, Scott walked ahead with a fourth bright yellow Masters flagstick in tow, historically the token of memory for victorious caddies at Augusta National. He was beaming with pride, back in a position he probably thought he’d never get to again after he and Watson parted ways late in 2021. Thankfully, he got a call from a halfway decent player. The rest is history.

“I’m just pinching myself, honestly,” Scott said. “I don’t really know what I’m seeing. The guy is special. He’s a different kind of special. I think we’re all seeing it, and we’re all questioning where did this come from?

“I’ve just been very fortunate that great people will take me on as their caddie. I’ve worked for some incredible golfers. Scottie is just added to the list, and now it’s just incredible to be a part of it. I’m just very fortunate.”