Let’s be honest. You’re not going to be wearing a real green jacket anytime soon. I hate to break the news to you, but it’s time you know the truth. With that said, what you can do is go the exact opposite way and purchase the Jason Day look that drew the ire of Augusta National Golf Club and its green jackets. As the saying goes: If you can’t beat them … wear a “busy” vest and garner national attention.

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It’s been a chaotic time for Jason Day with both his golf game and his apparel game. On Thursday, his parachute pants were the talk of the golf world and not long after, his text-heavy vest was “respectfully” removed. He won’t be winning this year’s first major, but he’s certainly succeeding when it comes to headlines.

Q. Have you heard any—is it OK with the green jackets, the designs and the things that you’ve been wearing? They can be a little bit restrictive. JASON DAY: Are you talking about like Augusta in general? Yeah, they asked me to take it off—the vest off yesterday. Q. The busy one? JASON DAY: Yeah, the busy one. Respectfully, you do that because it’s all about the tournament here, and I understand that. I respect the tournament. That’s what we’re here to do is try and play and win the green jacket. Q. Did they explain to you why they’d like you to take it off? The logo is too big? JASON DAY: I don’t know. I didn’t ask. They said, can you take it off? I said, yeah, no worries. Q. What were you trying to do? JASON DAY: I wasn’t trying to do anything. They just scripted me in it, and I was wearing it. Q. That’s what happens, you’re given your outfits by your sponsors? JASON DAY: Yeah, they send you the scripting and say, this is what we want you to wear Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I’m like, okay. Q. If they asked you to remove it, it came from who? JASON DAY: It came from Augusta National. Q. Like a green jacket? JASON DAY: I don’t know if it was a green jacket. I don’t know who it was. They asked, and I respectfully took it off.

“The Malbon Championship Vest, as seen on Jason Day at the 2024 Masters Tournament is now available for pre-order,” Malbon’s site reads. “This versatile jacquard v-neck layering piece is done in 100 percent Extra-Fine Merino Wool, featuring ‘No. 313 Malbon Golf Championship’ knitted on the front. This style is estimated to start shipping early May.”

Early May? That’s perfect timing for some fan out there to rock this vest at the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky. This should become a major staple. We’d love to see this topsy-turvy vest get its shine event after event. Also, you may be wondering what color Malbon has dubbed this outfit. Well, tofu, of course.

Malbon Championship Vest Malbon Championship Vest $248 | Malbon Golf Buy Now

What we have here is a classic example of “all news is good news.” If people are talking about you—whether to your face, behind your back or on snarky blogs—you’re winning. Congrats to Jason Day, but more importantly, congrats to all of you out there willing to spend $248 on a look condemned by the home of the Masters.

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