If you’ve ever witnessed an airswing on the golf course, either by a friend, family member or a stranger you’re paired with, it’s a sinking feeling. It’s hard to come up with words to say, or with unsolicited swing advice that isn’t really going to help there cause anyway. The silence an airswing can produce among a foursome is absolutely deafening. You can practically see the hula hoops the airswinger’s brain is jumping through trying to make sense of it all. All they’re trying to do on the next swing is make any type of contact. Because the only feeling lower than an airswing is a second one.

What about seven?

Seven airswings is a feeling no man or woman should ever have to endure. I’d imagine it’s a “crawl in a hole and never come out” feeling. That one Spongebob GIF come to life. Fortunately, David Livey has a good sense of humour and is not afraid to laugh at himself. Thank goodness, because if not there’d be no coming back from this:


(extreme “the Count” voice) Seven, SEVEN airswings! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

For David, the eighth time was the charm, and by charm we mean a ball that may not have travelled a full inch. Props to him for continuing to give it an A for effort while his mates were laughing at him and telling him things like “eye on the ball” and “don’t try to hit it so hard”.

The best part though comes at the 37-second mark, when David screams “I’m not!” in a high-pitched tone, then coughs and says it much lower. Everything that could have gone wrong for him did. Once the quarantine is over, we’ll be cheering for you to make solid contact, David. It’s not for lack of trying, that’s for sure.