When you are playing, have only one swing thought otherwise you might find yourself over-thinking every shot. You can use these basic, uncomplicated thoughts to keep your mind on your game.

Driver: Swing it smooth to a full finish.

Fairway wood/long irons: Let the club do the work.

Short irons: Three-quarter tempo.

Bunkers: Splash the sand onto the green.

Thick rough: Firm up your lead hand at address.

Tight lies: Drive the front edge into the ball.

Putter: Use a 1-2 tempo for all putts, no matter what length.

Across water: Aim for the back of the green.

Under a tree: Low finish.

These are simple swing thoughts you can use to stop negative thoughts creeping in mid-round. Try them next time you’re on the course and see if they help keep your mind on the game.

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– Jason Laws is the NSW PGA Teaching Professional of the Year