Oscar Wilde once said, “Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm.” He was, of course, referencing the hideous shirt John Daly wore en route to winning the 1994 BellSouth Classic. The Ugly Golf Shirt is as much a staple of the game as Tiger Woods’ knack for the dramatic, a hot dog at the turn and finding the water when you absolutely can’t afford to. Loud and ultimately beautiful (in the ugliest of ways), donning a god-awful tee while playing 18 holes is one of the most American things one can do, and I salute all of you who go for it when it comes to objectionable golf apparel.

In case you’re wondering, I own a Bryson DeChambeau math-equations shirt, a Grande Dunes (Myrtle Beach) tee that must have been conceived for the colorblind and a camping-themed top for when I shank my ball into the middle of the woods. There’s something comforting about a bunch of friends taking on this impractical journey together while wearing something that any reputable golf shop wouldn’t carry. Long live the Ugly Golf Shirt.

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