As we’ve learned through the years, Reddit can be an, um, interesting place. But you can find some true gems on there like the story of the guy who found a gem of a Scotty Cameron putter at an op shop. And now, one of the greatest – and funniest – golf photos of all time.

Appropriately posted in the “ActLikeYouBelong” community a couple days ago, it depicts a guy showing up to Augusta National Golf Club for a Masters practice round. With his golf clubs. Because apparently he thought his ticket gave him access to practise at one of the most exclusive golf courses on the planet. Amazing.


What an absolute scene. Again, we’re not sure if this actually happened ahead of the 2007 Masters, but the photo certainly looks real. You’ve got a Georgia policeman calling for help, what looks to be an area near an Augusta National entrance, and some stunned onlookers, one of which has a Masters-green cup. We just don’t know what was running through that patron’s mind.

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Was it all some kind of joke? Did he get pranked by a friend? Or did he actually think he could play the course? Maybe it was another Masters invite mix-up like the one we just saw with Scott Stallings.

Regardless, it makes for an incredible photo. And this dude is a legend. Hey, fake it ’til you make it, right? Actually, nope, do not try to fake it ’til you make it at Augusta National. As we’ve seen countless times through the years, they don’t mess around there. So if you’re one of the lucky people with practice-round passes this year, you should definitely leave your clubs in the car.