Club-throwing has never been in a more sorry state.

Golfers have strayed from the foundations laid by driver-chucking legends such as Tommy (Thunder) Bolt, fiery Ed Furgol and Bobby Jones (all US Open champs) and replaced them with methods that are unsound, foolish-looking and dangerous.

Among them: the ‘Squat and Bury’, in which the nouveau golfer bends deeply at the knees and brings the offending club down like a sledgehammer, sinking the head hosel-deep into the turf.

It looks no better than any road-rage meltdown on YouTube. Then there’s the ‘Olympic Thrust’, marked by a full pivot and three-quarter delivery. Long on distance but short on accuracy, as Judge Smails in “Caddyshack” can attest.

How about the ‘Tomahawk Fling’, an overhand motion that sends the club bounding end over end? The Fling has its appeal, but it can get expensive. That’s how you break shafts.

If you want to unleash your disgust at bad shots and look good doing it, follow the tutorial below. As with all golf instruction, don’t forget to practise the drills. Preferably alone. Things could get ugly.

1. Know your environment
Never throw towards water, a tree, a cart or nice people. Don’t throw when you’re playing with the boss, future spouse or a golf pro.

2. Helicopter or Darts
To prevent breakage, flip the club horizontally, like a helicopter rotor. Or with a two-finger toss, like throwing darts.

3. Finish with a flourish
Pause before retrieving. Let the club stew in its own juices. Don’t forgive it or check for damage. Pick it up like it’s a dead animal. Place it as far from the other clubs as possible.

4 Throw it like you mean it
Be committed. Don’t throw it half-heartedly. And don’t swear. Brooding silence beats a blood-curdling scream.