The mission that Titleist’s R&D team received for its CNCPT irons was exciting and one not often heard in a business that is sensitive to price: how much better could an iron be if money were no object? Finding out would require researching new materials and processes and blending them into a final form that wouldn’t turn off better players. The result is a club made from a material the company refers to only as “super metal”. The forged L-face is very thin (less than two millimetres) and “unsupported”, meaning there is no foam or thermoplastic urethane material or other backing structure filling the hollow iron to support the thin-face design. According to Titleist, the metal has never been used in golf-club design before. The other element behind the unique hollow construction is the placement of significant amounts of high-density tungsten in the heel and toe of each iron to improve forgiveness and stability on off-centre hits. In fact, close to 50 percent of the head’s total weight is tungsten (with an average of more than 110 grams) in the longer irons to keep the centre of gravity low and towards the back for launching shots high with less distance-robbing spin.

7-IRON LOFT 32 degrees PW LOFT 44 degrees

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“Great size and shape, which is maintained throughout the set. Definitely hot off the face. The club feels very well balanced in your hands.”

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