Apex Pro (2021)

Callaway hasn’t always tried to conceal the technology in its clubs, but it has done a good job of seamlessly melding technological improvements within a clubhead that looks like a gift package from Tiffany. The latest example is the new Apex Pro, which features a hollow-body construction for the first time. Callaway relied on artificial intelligence – which thinks of things a designer might not and does it a lot faster – to help its engineers give each iron face in the set a unique variable-thickness geometry. In essence, each clubface is customised. The back of the face looks more like a wave than a typical smooth progression, but the result is consistent distance across a larger area of the face. The tech story doesn’t end there: a tungsten energy core, with up to 90 grams of tungsten surrounded by microsphere-filled urethane (microspheres are tiny air bubbles encased in glass), allows the Callaway design team to more precisely control the centre of gravity. This means better players get the trajectory window they seek plus forgiveness. All this new tech in a players-cavity shape makes the Apex Pro an ideal choice for the aspiring club champion who doesn’t have a heap of time to practise. 

7-IRON LOFT 33 degrees PW LOFT 45 degrees

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“The lightweight feel gives it some pop at impact. The ball flight has the piercing trajectory I love.”

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