Getting into a good setup is crucial to developing a consistent putting stroke. Without knowing anything about your putting, I know you’ll make a lot more putts if you start from a technically sound setup. The best part is, you can get off to a great start by making just a few adjustments, no matter what your current setup looks like. Follow these few steps.

1. Eye It Up

David Leadbetter

At address, set your eyes directly over the ball or slightly to the inside. You can check your eye position when you practise by dropping a ball from the bridge of your nose and seeing where it lands. You don’t want your eyes to be outside the ball.

2. Switch Hands

David Leadbetter

Getting your shoulders level and forearms square to the target line will help you rock your shoulders – and prevent a handsy stroke. You can level your shoulders by soling the putterhead at address, then taking a left-hand-low grip.

3. Grip Again

David Leadbetter

You don’t have to actually putt left-hand-low, although many top pros do, like Jordan Spieth. You can just use the grip to get level. To return to your normal grip, simply swap your hand positions, being sure to keep your shoulders in place.

4. Think Smooth

David Leadbetter

Finally, switch your focus to the stroke. Sense that there is no tension in your arms and your grip pressure is light. Now think smooth before sending the ball along your intended line. If you read it right, your new setup will help you roll it in.

– David Leadbetter operates 25 golf academies worldwide.