If you’re able to pitch the ball accurately around the greens, you’ll shoot lower scores. My A Swing can be used for pitch shots with great results – all you need to do is make a few adjustments. Start by thinking of the pitch swing as a mini version of the full swing. Follow these steps to develop your pitching technique and watch your scores drop.

1. Open The Clubface
The unique motion of the A Swing – with a more upright takeaway –initially puts the clubface in a closed position. To compensate for this on short shots like pitches, point the clubface slightly right of the target before taking your grip.

2. Tweak Your Stance
From a narrow stance, set your hips so they’re open to the target, but pull your right foot back so your stance is closed. This open-and-closed setup helps stabilise the lower body and encourages you to release the club properly through impact.

3. Swing It Back Short
Take the club back about halfway. The hands should stay close to the body, and the wrists should set early so the shaft swings into that upright position. The backswing should be shorter to help promote acceleration coming down.

4. Tuck In The Knee
As you swing down, feel the right knee tucking in softly behind the left. This will help create a good impact position: the hands leading the clubhead. You’ll push the ball off the turf with the proper backspin and trajectory for more accuracy.

David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter, author of The A Swing, operates 25 golf academies worldwide.