How To Train Your Body To Add Power

The pivot motion is the lifeblood of any golf swing. How the body winds going back and unwinds coming through is the key to creating energy and transferring it to the ball. In my upcoming book, The A Swing: The Alternative Approach to Great Golf, I explain why it’s so important to synchronise the body pivot with the arm swing. All good players get this right. Learn to pivot correctly with these four steps.

My work with world No.1 Lydia Ko (above) focuses on the synchronisation of her body pivot and arm swing. 

1. Get Your Tilt
Without a club, mimic your address posture, but place your hands on the sides of your legs, with your right hand a few inches lower than your left. Your spine will tilt slightly to the right.

2. Rotate To The Top
Simulate your backswing turn, keeping your arms against your sides. As you coil your upper body and shift your weight away from the target, your right hand will slide up and your left hand will slide down.

3. Shift To The Lift
Before you start unwinding, transfer most of your weight from your right foot to your left with a lateral shift of the lower body. Your pelvis and legs should shift towards the target, but your head should stay in place.

4. Turn To The Target
Just like in an actual golf swing, rotate your hips and torso so they face the target. Let your weight settle into the heel of your left foot, and make sure your hands return to where they were at the beginning.

David Leadbetter is a Golf Digest teaching professional.