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PGA professional Michael Mosher has forged a career taking golfers on the trip of a lifetime

Michael Mosher’s business philosophy is simple.

“We take people to the best golf locations in the world, and we make sure they have a good time doing it,” says Mosher, PGA professional and director of golf at one of Australia’s premier golf travel companies, Teed Up Golf Tours.

From Augusta National to every course on the Open Championship rota – and most places in-between – Mosher and his team of staff are dedicated to ensuring that, with them, customers can enjoy the golf experience of a lifetime.

Now a thriving business with more than 20 years’ experience, Mosher recalls that the idea behind Teed Up Golf Tours came about largely by chance when he was the director of golf at Mount Broughton Golf & Country Club in Bowral, NSW.

“A member bought a travel agency business and asked if I could help to organise a trip to the Masters,” he reflects. “That was in 1999, but in 2004, a friend, who is now my business partner, encouraged me to start running tours as a business full-time.

“We took a risk, but we thought we had found a niche in the market. We did it as a bit of fun; a way to see the world, play some golf and have a good time.”

It is that approach that has sustained Mosher, as Teed Up Golf Tours has expanded from eight-to-10-person trips to regularly hosting hundreds of keen golfers on trips to Augusta alone.

“We started small, but when we grew to getting about 40 people on those early trips to the Masters, it became a reality that we had something to work with,” he says. “When you step back from it for a moment, it’s really cool.”

Mosher credits much of the business’s success to his willingness to create and maintain strong relationships throughout the industry. From his playing days when he recalls having to fax fellow players to stay in touch, to now engaging with a network of other PGA professionals to get the word out about his tours, Mosher is a people person. That, alongside his engaging personality, has helped to foster a sense of goodwill that continues to benefit the business.

“I really believe that PGA professionals are very personable people, who want to help,” Mosher adds. “When I look back on those early days, I was just keeping in touch and being friendly, but it also helped to build a database of people who wanted to be involved later down the line.”

That attitude enhances the experience for golfers on the tours as well, as Mosher and fellow PGA professionals connect, cater to and care for each member of the touring party.

“These guys are engaging, friendly and want to help,” he says. “We will play with a different group every day of the tour, and it is in our nature to help – whether that is by offering a swing tip, or just talking golf.

“We are all there for the same reason and just love being around the game. Our passion rolls through the trips, and we know the customer feels that, too.”

The quality of golf courses is something that Mosher is meticulous about, wherever in the world Teed Up Golf Tours might go.

“On all of our tours, golfers will play all the best courses that are available,” he explains. “We don’t play average courses. Our motto is that we will drive a long way to play the best golf.”

Something made increasingly possible by his friendly nature and strong golf network, the list of courses available to Mosher and his clients continues to grow.

“Over the journey, I’ve met a lot of people overseas who have helped us get onto courses I didn’t think were possible,” he says. “From Pine Valley to Cypress Point and Whistling Straits, you keep building those relationships and more becomes possible.” 

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