Articles by Andrew Young

PGA Australia: Jade’s great adventure

Jade Longstaff couldn’t wait to start life as a fully qualified PGA professional. After graduating from the Membership Pathway Program at the beginning of 2023, she promptly packed her golf bag into a camper trailer and set out across the country; determined to offer golf coaching to some of the country’s most rural communities. 

Mapping the way forward

PGA professionals are applying their skills to map a prosperous future for Australian golf

A vision to bolster golf

Tegan Purcell is helping create an environment where golf is set up for long-term success in New South Wales

Take your handicap to a new low in the new year

Whatever your golf resolution looks like in 2023, PGA professionals – Australia’s accredited experts in golf – are here to help get you there. We spoke with three, Skye Choueiri, Michael Jones and Nick Bielawski, and put together a guide to help you drop shots like never before in 2023