Wilson Duo Soft Optix

Wilson Duo Soft Optix

The original low compression golf ball is now easier to see and harder to ignore.

Still the softest, longest and straightest, new Duo Soft Optix delivers all the benefits of Duo Soft in a matte, high-visibility finish that stands out in the air and on the green.

Available in yellow, orange, green, red, pink and blue.

RRP: $34.95 per dozen

Chrome Soft Truvis

The new Chrome Soft with Truvis Technology takes a ball that has completely redefined golf ball performance, elevates it to another level, and adds a proprietary visual technology to maximise your view of the golf ball.

You can choose a red and white or yellow and black Truvis pattern that’s specifically designed for better focus and visibility. Now for a limited time, the Chrome Soft Truvis is available in a yellow and green Australian version.

RRP: $59.99 per dozen


Volvik Vivid Ball

Volvick Vivid Ball

The Vivid is a premium, three-piece ultra-performance golf ball that is the first of its kind, offering a colourful matte finish to one of the longest golf balls on the market – all without sacrificing distance or durability. Seven colour options increase visibility and speed of play, while making course management and ball striking better due to enhanced awareness of where your golf ball is. An 80-compression ball, the Vivid has been tested as one of the longest golf balls in the market today, especially for slower to medium swing speeds to gain extreme distance.

RRP: $59.95 per dozen