In theory, drinking out of a trophy you’ve just won sounds fantastic. Depending on the actual trophy, though, putting it into practice can produce less-than-fantastic results. AFL premiership cup or the claret jug? Hell yeah. Drink up. Those trophies were made to swig out of.

The Charles Schwab Cup, which goes to the winner of the season-long moneylist on the PGA Tour Champions, is one of those that wasn’t made for holding liquid. But that didn’t stop New Zealand journeyman Steven Alker, who claimed the cup on Sunday in Phoenix, from trying to chug a delicious beer from it. You would try to after a crowning career achievement. 

If you know what the Schwab Cup looks like, you’ve probably already figured out that it didn’t exactly go well:

Didn’t notice those giant holes on every side of the cup did ya, Steven? Hey, like he said when he was asked if he was wanted to drink out of it, “Well, yeah, I’ve got to.” He’s right. Doesn’t mean he was going to actually get any beer into his mouth, but the effort was there. Of the one or two sips he actually got, we’d have to imagine they were delicious. Hopefully he began drinking straight from the bottle for the rest of the night, not only to actually feel a buzz but to save some poor cleaner from two hours of mop-up duty.