RTX Full-Face 2

Featuring a face packed full of grooves in an advanced, high-toe profile, RTX Full-Face 2 wedges deliver even greater versatility from any greenside position or condition. Packed with HydraZip, ZipCore, and UltiZip technologies, RTX Full-Face 2 is built to help players ace daring, open-face shots around the green.
Finish: Tour Satin

SRP: $279 (steel); $289 (graphite)

CBX 4 ZipCore

New CBX 4 ZipCore wedges bring premium versatility and elite forgiveness together in a highly refined, sharp-looking design that blends perfectly in the bag with modern cavity back or hollow sets. And now, these CBX series Wedges get all of Cleveland Golf’s latest tour calibre technologies (HydraZip, ZipCore, and UltiZip) to create Cleveland’s finest cavity back Wedge yet.

SRP: $249 (mens steel)

SRP: $259 (mens and womens graphite)

Smart Sole Full-Face

This completely new wedge system now includes four specialised clubs to fulfill every short-game shot on the course, giving you the complete package. Featuring the largest striking areas Cleveland has ever put on a wedge, plus dynamic HydraZip and UltiZip technologies, Smart Sole Full-Face is now even more forgiving than before.

SRP: $199 (mens steel)

SRP: $209 (mens and womens graphite)

Launcher XL 2 Adjustable Driver & Adjustable Draw Driver

It’s BIG and built for one thing: sending bombs down the middle. The all-new Launcher XL 2 drivers deliver more distance, forgiveness, and consistency than ever, thanks to new MainFrame technology, an improved XL design and more. Step up and swing BIG. With Launcher XL 2, bigger just got better.

Available in Standard and Draw

Men’s and women’s SRP: $649

Halo XL Full-Face Irons

Want to get better? Go bigger. All-new Halo XL Full-Face Irons give you both. Bigger, hollow heads for more forgiveness. Better spin thanks to HydraZip face blasts. Better turf interaction from three enhanced sole designs. And bigger, full-face grooves – an industry-first for an iron – for better strike performance across the face.

SRP: $225 (mens steel)

SRP: $235 (mens and womens graphite)

Halo XL Woods

With Halo XL Woods you’ll hit the course with confident long shots and will finally fill all
the missing distances in your top-end gapping.

Halo XL Fairway men’s and women’s SRP: $379

Halo XL Hy-Wood men’s and women’s SRP: $379

Halo XL Hybrid men’s and women’s SRP: $329

HB Soft 2

HB Soft 2 takes Cleveland’s Speed Optimised Face Technology to all-new levels of true swing feel, by syncing every head shape with balanced, stroke specific components. All you need to do is choose the right stroke type and head shape for you, and Cleveland will set up everything else to spec, to get consistent distance performance in a finely tuned, near-custom putter for an optimal price. SRP$219

ZipCore XL Irons

A great-looking set packed with performance… That’s what makes the new ZipCore XL irons some of Cleveland’s most exciting yet. Distance-focused, forgiving long Irons pair with precise short irons. It’s power where you need it, and control where you want it, all from a single set.

SRP: $209 (mens steel)

SRP: $219 (mens and womens graphite)

Learn more at au.dunlopsports.com/cleveland-golf