In a world of Instagram and attention grabbing, golf has found itself some younger voices. Here are some speaking loudly.

Aussie Golf Lads: From Vine starts to social media influencers in the golf world

In a world where golf can sometimes seem too serious, Jackson Brazier and Joel Naburgs, the dynamic duo behind ‘Aussie Golf Lads’, are injecting fun, excitement and a fresh perspective into the game. With their rapid rise on social media, they are taking the golf community by storm, one light-hearted video at a time.

A match made in basketball heaven

Before they were social media sensations, Brazier and Naburgs shared a passion for basketball. Both hailing from the same school and playing for the same junior club, they were destined to cross paths. While Brazier was a rookie two years Naburgs’ junior, he always looked up to him. Naburgs, with enormous potential, was already a basketball star during his school years.

Their paths truly converged when they both played in the semi-professional NBL 1 league, setting the stage for their friendship. Naburgs, in particular, made a name for himself, even playing Division 1 basketball for Stephenson University in the United States. It was during this time that Naburgs’ love for golf began to emerge, sparking a journey that would eventually lead to the birth of Aussie Golf Lads.

From Vine to tee-time

Long before Aussie Golf Lads entered the world, Brazier and Naburgs were conquering Vine, a platform for short video content. In fact, they were the two most followed personalities on the platform, showcasing their natural charisma and comedic timing.

Their love for golf emerged more recently when Brazier’s girlfriend’s mother gifted him golf lessons. Inspired by this new passion and recognising a gap in the market for light-hearted golf content, they decided to create an Instagram account, and ‘Aussie Golf Lads’ was born. The pair noticed that while golf was widely loved, it often lacked the playful content they wanted to bring.

With Naburgs’ background in social media and Brazier’s experience as a solo music artist, they knew how to build audiences. Now they’re channelling that knowledge into the world of golf, injecting energy and humour into a traditionally staid sport.

Filling a void in golf entertainment

Aussie Golf Lads hit the ground running in March this year, experiencing what they describe as “crazy growth”. They quickly gathered 11,000 followers on Instagram, 7,000 on Facebook and 20,000 on TikTok. Their content, shared across platforms including YouTube, has garnered an astonishing 30 million views. And they’re just getting started.

Their mentor, Coach Jimmy – Black Bull Golf Club’s James McCully – helps guide their golf journey, providing valuable insights and expertise. Their vision for the future is clear: evolution. They aim to create a brand that goes beyond content creation, encompassing a golf community.

The future of Aussie Golf Lads

As they continue to film content and travel to various golf courses, Brazier and Naburgs have their eyes set on a future where Aussie Golf Lads becomes a household name in golf entertainment. Their goal is to fill the void they’ve identified in the market, offering a profile akin to the popular Rick Shiels but with their unique Australian charm.

Aussie Golf Lads is more than just a social media account. It’s a testament to the power of friendship, passion, and a desire to bring something fresh and exciting to the golf world. It’s clear the pair are here to stay, adding a touch of Aussie flair to the world of golf. So, keep an eye on their journey as they take you on a wild ride through the world of golf, one laugh at a time.

Elevating golf apparel with fresh designs and enthusiasm: The Axxa Golf story

The story of Axxa Golf begins with a young entrepreneur’s dream of self-employment. Axel Karlsson-Lacy’s journey into the world of golf started with the captivating content of Good Good Golf on YouTube, which introduced the 15-year-old Melburnian to the sport’s fascinating nuances. What caught his eye – besides the golf itself – was the innovative approach to golf apparel by Good Good Golf. It was here that he noticed a gap in the market for vibrant and unique clothing options in Australia.

Identifying the gap

As he explored local golf stores, Karlsson-Lacy couldn’t help but notice a sea of conventional and plain golf shirt designs. This observation led him to a profound realisation – these uninspiring choices might contribute to the perception of golf as somewhat dull among his peers. This was the moment the idea for Axxa Golf was born. The teenager aimed to transform golf apparel into something refreshing and unique, breaking away from the mundane.

Selecting the right supplier

Turning this vision into reality involved extensive research to find the perfect polo supplier. Hours were spent scouring platforms like Alibaba, but none quite met the stringent criteria Karlsson-Lacy had set. The key requirements were simple yet crucial: top-notch quality and the ability to handle low minimum orders, essential for a start-up like Axxa Golf. Seeking guidance, he reached out to connections within his parents’ network who had experience in a similar industry (kikki.K). This strategic move paved the way for fruitful collaborations with reputable suppliers.

From vision to reality

Karlsson-Lacy’s journey was filled with exciting moments, but none compared to the day he received the first samples of Axxa Golf’s polo shirts. The surreal experience of holding these tangible manifestations of his vision was overwhelming. The effort, time and dedication poured into creating something unique and exciting had finally paid off. The brand was no longer just an idea; it had become a reality.

Launching a website and promoting golf shirts demanded a delicate balancing act between school, golf and building the brand. The venture began when he was in Year 8, making time management crucial. Karlsson-Lacy dedicated evenings to mastering website development, leveraging the relatively lighter school workload. Weekends were reserved for golf, which beautifully intertwined with his brand’s promotion. His friends became models, showcasing Axxa Golf apparel and providing valuable content for social media.

The day Axxa Golf’s online store went live remains etched in his memory. Surrounded by family, Karlsson-Lacy nervously hit the launch button at 7pm on a Friday night. Initially setting a goal of reaching $100 in sales by the end of the night, he was astounded when Axxa Golf sales surpassed $700 within an hour of going live. The overwhelming response exceeded his wildest expectations, marking the brand’s successful introduction to the world.

Axxa Golf’s unique identity

What sets Axxa Golf apart from other golf apparel brands is its infusion of excitement, creativity and uniqueness into its designs. The brand caters to a broad range of golf enthusiasts, including teenagers, young adults and people of all ages. The apparel strikes a balance between vibrancy and sophistication, allowing golfers to express themselves while maintaining the elegance required for the world’s top golf courses. Achieving this balance required a mastery of Adobe Illustrator, enabling Axxa Golf to create high-quality, intricate artwork for its polos.

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Axxa Golf. In a few weeks, the brand will unveil its new casual range, “Pure,” celebrating the exhilaration of hitting a perfect golf shot. The inaugural indoor golf tournament, “The Axxa Invitational,” is scheduled for September 27-29. Golf enthusiasts can follow the action on the Axxa Golf YouTube channel, featuring multiple cameras and 4K graphics. Looking ahead, Axxa Golf aspires to expand its presence through collaborations with retailers like Drummond Golf, with the goal of establishing its stores worldwide and supporting PGA-level players through sponsorship.

Advice for young entrepreneurs

As a young entrepreneur in the golf industry, Karlsson-Lacy has valuable advice for fellow young golf enthusiasts with similar aspirations. His advice is simple yet profound: dive into the vast resources available on platforms like YouTube to learn about design, website development and photography.
“Patience is key; don’t rush the creative process,” he says. “Stay focused on your goals and persevere, even if faced with discouragement from peers. Their comments may stem from jealousy, but your dedication will lead to success.”

Karlsson-Lacy’s most cherished golf moment came earlier this year when he had the opportunity to visit Kingston Heath for a special golf day. They approached him with the idea of having everyone wear an Axxa polo for the event. It was an unforgettable experience, made even more special as he set up a small stall for the occasion. Additionally, he had the privilege of playing on the soon-to-be Presidents Cup course, a round that holds its own share of memorable experiences.