Rickie Fowler has his hands full dealing with the Bear Trap at this week’s Honda Classic. But even when he’s not playing in a PGA Tour event, the 31-year-old golfer stays plenty busy. You see, the stardom he enjoys comes with a price: his time. A lot of his time.

This shouldn’t surprise golf fans considering Fowler’s face is everywhere in golf publications and during golf broadcasts. From Farmers Insurance to Puma to Red Bull to Rocket Mortgage (“And what does PMI even mean, Rick?!”), the five-time PGA Tour winner’s popularity among advertisers – and obviously, fans – is undeniable. But the amount of days Fowler says he spends per year with his sponsors is still pretty staggering. Here’s what Fowler said on Wednesday about how he goes about setting his schedule:

“There’s a lot that goes into it, and like I said, it’s learning how to manage everything, when to do it, how to do it. Like I said, figuring out how many weeks in a row you want to play. If you do play three, four, five weeks in a row, which I don’t play more than three, then is it one week off or two weeks off, then you add in workdays as far as shoots with sponsors, whether they’re still or commercial stuff. I do about 25 to 30 days a year, so those obviously aren’t in a row. You’ve got to pick and choose are those Monday and Tuesday when you get back from a tournament or mid-week, or if you’re fitting them into one week off, it kind of interrupts your preparation or your rest, so then you have to take two weeks off to fit shoot days in. So there’s a lot that goes into just picking which tournaments you want to play.”

Twenty-five to thirty days a year?! That’s an entire month! The BRAND is strong with this one. I’m surprised Rickie even had time to go on a honeymoon this past year.

Then again, if he hadn’t had time to go on a honeymoon, he wouldn’t have contracted that nasty bacterial infection, which caused him to miss the Mayakoba Classic. Hmm. Suddenly, spending hours on end posing for photos doesn’t sound so bad.