Everybody is mesmerized by the Las Vegas Sphere … except for golfers. The $2.3-billion art installation/billboard/arena has become an instant icon on the Las Vegas skyline, but has been a less welcome addition for golfers at Wynn Las Vegas. Towering over the site of this year’s Match, the Sphere not only breaks the illusion of the lush desert oasis, but is even trolling golfers now after a bad tee shot. Yes, really.

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OK, so nobody likes having salt rubbed in the wound, but this is hilarious and the response of the golfing public has proven all that and then some. Since being posted on Monday, the video has tallied countless reposts and tens of thousands of views across Instagram, TikTok and Twitter/X. The Sphere, for seemingly the millionth time in its short existence, is a sensation.

Whether you want to plunk down $600 to get mocked by a giant computer screen is up to you, but we golfers are nothing if not gluttons for punishment.

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