We’ve all shanked a golf ball or seven off the course and onto a nearby road. Very rarely does this lead to anything other than a grimace and perhaps some ridicule from playing partners.

For golfer Kane Wyatt, however, it might lead to some very steep punishments for both him and one British Columbia golf course.

While driving along Beach Drive near Victoria Golf Club (not to be confused with Melbourne’s Sandbelt gem) last June, Evelyn Mohr claims that she was struck directly in the face by a wayward golf shot. The ball flew through an open car window, and Mohr is now looking for general, special and aggravated damages.

According to the Times Colonist, “Mohr alleges she suffered facial lacerations, a concussion, cognitive deficits, an increased risk for degenerative changes including dementia, nausea, eye and neck injuries, anxiety, emotional liability, psychological injuries and chronic pain and fatigue.”

Along with her case against the club, Mohr’s filed civil claim notice includes golfer Kane Wyatt. She believes that Wyatt “negligently” hit the ball and that all of the above repercussions have led to negative effects regarding “her earning ability” and her “working life”.

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Victoria Golf Club, reportedly the oldest 18-hole course in Canada in its original location, has a nearby sign that warns passersby and drivers with “caution errant golf balls” and “park at your own risk”. However, Mohr’s claims say that the course didn’t do enough to alert those nearby of the conceivable dangers and that they should take “reasonable care” to protect non-golfers, including potential netting.

The club has gone through quite a few public safety transformations since its inception as golfers are no longer allowed to hit across Beach Drive, a change made back in the 1920s. What exactly happened is still unclear, but from the sound of things, Mohr will be taking this one all the way to the US Supreme Court if she has to.