Making a hole-in-one is sweet. Making a hole-in-one in a tournament that is sponsored by a luxury car brand is that much sweeter.

In the second round pf the Genesis Invitational, Will Zalatoris made an ace at the par-3 14th at Riviera Country Club. It instantly jumped him nine spots up the leaderboard, and then he instantly jumped into his caddie’s arms. It was, as the kids say, a “great celly”.

As you can see, both Zalatoris and his looper, Joel Stock, seemed extra excited. For good reason. Zalatoris’ miracle shot won both he and stock a car. Like we said, Willy Z picked a great tournament to make an uno.

For his efforts, Zalatoris will get a Genesis GV80 SUV, which, as a quick Google search shows, starts at about $US57,700. Stock will receive a Genesis Electrified GV70, which is actually more expensive at $US66,450. What an absolute haul.

Now, the only question is, will Zalatoris make Stock swap with him when he finds out he’s apparently getting the better one.

Zalatoris said he went through a stretch in 2020 where he hade five holes-in-one. This was his first one since that stretch, and his 10th total. Casual.

Despite Stock getting what appears to be the better car, it sounds like there will be no trade. That’s a good boss right there.

“No, he can have it. Absolutely, he can have it,” Zalatoris said.