All news is good news, as they say. And if you were to give a face to that mantra, you’d have a photo of Talor Gooch with a shit-eating grin front and center. The Gooch may not be a household name, but he’s certainly a household content creator. He even got the title of King from the one and only Alan Shipnuck, another instigator of the highest magnitude.

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That’s high praise from Shipnuck, but it doesn’t take a genius to see how good Gooch is at … whatever this is. We’re both glad that Talor Gooch has plenty to say while also being so damn jealous of his high-wire takes. The man wasn’t forged in the fires of journalism school like yours truly, and he’s so far ahead of the game when it comes to crafting unbelievable quotes. Combining LIV Golf, the Masters, Rory McIlroy and fake wins all in one notion is gold from start to finish. Give this guy an Opinion Column or at least a verified checkmark.

“I’m jealous he came up with that before me. I’ll say that,” Christopher Powers admitted on our most recent episode of The Loop. “It’s a great, great take to just ignite the people. Tip of the cap, Talor, Tip of the cap.”

And that’s coming from Christopher Powers, a muckraker who loves to mix it up with Golf Twitter and is known for a bold take or two. The man knows how to keep the Internet on its toes, and yet he (and all of us) pale in comparison to Gooch’s off-handed yet beautiful remarks.

Along with the Gooch take takes, CP, Alex Myers and Stephen Hennessey also found time to discuss the Anthony Kim LIV comeback and their excitement level for the return, what it’s like to be on the ground at The Match and who they like at the upcoming Cognizant Classic. What else could one want?

None of us are Talor Gooch, despite how hard we might try, but the above podcast of The Loop—please listen, smash that subscribe button and all that jazzis a pretty good backup option. Gooch, you’re always invited on the pod to share your spirited opinions. We’re here to listen and learn.

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