[PHOTO: Ben Jared]

Mark Wahlberg is an Oscar-nominated actor, burger businessman, rapper extraordinaire, former Calvin Klein underwear model and speedy golfer. All of those bonafides, however, apparently didn’t mean much to the upscale Elanora Country Club… not if you’re wearing the wrong clothes, at least.

Earlier this month, Marky Mark tried to tee off at the exclusive Sydney course but found himself stonewalled initially as he had on short black socks. Unbeknown to him, that was a no-no as the club has a sock policy that requires those wearing short socks to wear short white socks.

Wahlberg was initially denied entry until he changed his footwear, probably one of the few times someone said no to the well-known Bostonian. Wahlberg ended up abiding by the club’s rules, changing into a pair from the club’s pro shop according to published reports. He also posted the following on Instagram to document the Sock Saga, otherwise known as the Sockga.

“Socks not allowed on every golf course in Australia, believe it or not,” Wahlberg said in an off-the-wall Australian accent. “Some courses require you to wear white socks. These are gym socks, man! What?!”

The colour is outlined on Elanora’s website: “Acceptable short socks will be plain white or plain white with a Golf Club logo and at least quarter length.” Them’s the rules.

As are these: “Shirts, trousers, pullovers, jackets and hats must not display any advertising that is not directly related to sponsorship of golf,” and, “If long socks are worn they must be kept up at all times.” Also, the visitor green fee is $295 per person for 18 holes, so now you (and Mark Wahlberg) know.

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Wahlberg is in Sydney to film his new movie “Play Dirty”, so he should probably buy another pair or two of white socks if he’s planning to get in some more golf in the harbour city.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph asked about Wahlberg’s denial. According to a published story, the club’s general manager Cathy Neagle told the paper succinctly: “We have dress standards. They do include white socks.”

It’s not the first time a ‘black socks saga’ has occurred at a Sydney golf club. Former tour pro-turned commentator Ewan Porter earned himself a ban at one club a few years ago after venting online about its no-black-socks policy.