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What’s In My Bag : Atthaya Thitikul - Australian Golf Digest What’s In My Bag : Atthaya Thitikul - Australian Golf Digest

Age: 20

Lives: Thailand

Story: Won 2022 LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year. Has two LPGA victories.  History makerI won the 2017
Ladies Thailand Championship as a 14-year-old amateur. That made me the youngest person to win a professional golf tour event.

I was in the field because of a sponsor’s exemption. Winning that tournament was a life-changing event for me. It opened up all the experiences I’ve
had since.


Specs: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, 9°, 45.5 inches, Fujikura Ventus Red 5S shaft. 

This is my favourite club. I’ve used it since last December. The launch numbers say it’s better than my previous driver. My spin rate is where I want it, and my clubhead and ball speed are up.

Fairway Woods/Hybrid 

Specs: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, 15°, Basileus FWSS 60S shaft; Callaway Apex UW, 22°, Basileus UT 70SR shaft.

I’ve been using this 3-wood since December, too. I hit it longer than my previous 3-wood, which has made a big difference. The hybrid has been in my bag since 2021. I’m very comfortable with it, so I’m reluctant to change. 


Specs: Callaway Apex Pro, 4-iron through pitching wedge, Shimada K 3001 shafts, Elite A50 grips.

When I hit the 4-iron through 7-iron, the sound is like “boom!” It’s almost too loud, but I’m used to it. The 4-iron is rare on the LPGA Tour, but I still hit it high enough to stop shots on the green.


Specs: Callaway Jaws Raw (48°, 52°, 58°), Shimada K HW 120 shafts.

The grind is different from my previous wedges because I use each of them
in a bunker depending on the distance. Each one has my nickname “Jeeno” surrounded by stars stamped on them. Every Thai person has a nickname because our names are so long.


Specs: Odyssey Toulon Atlanta, 33.5 inches, 3°.

This putter went in the bag last year after a visit to the Callaway Performance Centre in Carlsbad, California. It’s much larger in shape than my previous putter, but the style suits my eye, and I like the feel. I have a Texas-themed headcover that I got in Dallas. It’s cool.

Work of art

I mark my Callaway Chrome Soft X by drawing a crown on it, which is the logo I designed for my agency back home. I also put “J” on each side of the number.

Hand signal

My grips are all different colours so that my dad watching on TV in Thailand knows which club I am hitting (the pink one is the 9-iron, for instance). I’ve done this since I was an amateur.

The real jeen

I have Jeeno on my wedges but Jeen on this ball marker. Even though people call me Jeeno, my real nickname is Jeen, which means “Chinese people” in Thai. 

 EQUIPMENT: MICHAEL WILLIAMS • thitikul: ezra shaw/getty images • grips courtesy of callaway