How you watch says a lot about who you are.

Illustrations by Davide Barco

The Second-Screener

You have your trigger finger on the minimise button. You’re climbing the corporate ladder while Cam Smith climbs the leaderboard.

The Grazer

You’re here for your annual golf snack. You know Tiger wears red and the jacket is green. You spell “Jon Rahm” with two Hs.  

The Gambler 

You gave up tickets to stay home with your kids: Multi, Prop and Each-Way. 

The Encyclopedia

Your pen and paper updates faster than an app, and you know what colour socks Nicklaus was wearing in ’86. 

The Player

Inspiration knocks. The birds chirp a siren song. Your tee-time isn’t until the broadcast is over anyway. 

The Hater

The course is too long. The greens are too firm. Azaleas give you hives, and you’re cheering on every four-putt like Hell Corner at Mount Panorama. 

The True Believer 

Your dogs’ names are Alister and MacKenzie. You could make a pimento-cheese sandwich blindfolded in a cyclone.

Amen Corner Specialist 

You haven’t seen an opening tee shot all week. You can’t even spell “featured group”. You have your niche, and you’re sticking to it.