Everyone has an animal story of one kind or another when it comes to golf.

A snake slithered right past the ball or a court of kangaroos was hanging out by the green or perhaps a brush-up with a crocodile after looking for a submerged ball in Far North Queensland.

With all that said, very few, rightfully so, ever have to worry about sharks. Well … unless you’re a golfer at Carbrook golf Club, 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD.

Maybe the only shark-infested golf course in the world, Carbrook Golf Club has between six and 12 bull sharks in its bordering lake, some said to be up to 9 feet in length(!).

How exactly did they get there? A river flood swept the predators into a nearby lake, and the rest is (very, very scary) history.

“The first time I ever saw him some men were feeding him and he came up it was just like Jaws coming up out of the water,” a resident said.

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Since their arrival, the sharks have bred over time and multiplied, because of course they have.

Maybe these are harmless sharks, one might think. Nope. In the wild, they’re responsible for dozens of fatal human attacks and the National Wildlife Foundation stated that they have “aggressive tendencies.”

“It’s all right if you don’t get too close,” a local said while sitting next to the lake. “I’ve never been this close obviously.”

Maybe don’t test it out?