As a tour pro, the last place you want to see your name is in a headline with the word “relatable” in it. Being relatable to the average golf fan means you’ve done something horribly wrong on the golf course, hence why the US Open (at least the old version of it) is such a fun watch for average joes.

Step up to the relatable plate, Adam Hadwin!

Despite what his wife’s weekly posterisations will have you believing (here, here and definitely here for examples), Hadwin is actually having a very solid season. He’s made more than $US3.4 million without a victory, twice finishing runner-up. He’s safely inside the top 50 of the FedEx Cup standings as of this writing and can build on that position with a solid last two weeks. On Thursday, he was on track to do just that at the 3M Open, where he found himself two under through eight holes of his opening round at TPC Twin Cities. 

He then proceeded to find the fairway with a 304-yard drive at the par-5 18th, his ninth, setting himself up with a great look at the green from 227 yards. Sure, there was the monstrous water hazard between him and the hole, but for a player of his calibre, it’s a straight forward low-iron shot on a Thursday with minimal pressure. 

Turns out, it wasn’t that straightforward… 

Quite literally something you only see on the weekend with your bros. One of you has just nutted a drive on that gettable par 5, so you wait for the green to clear because, on the off chance you actually catch a 4 iron or a 3 wood clean, you could maybe barely get it on the green and have a look at eagle that you’ll three-putt for par. Then, you chilli dip it, sending your clubhead through the crust of the earth and your ball about 10 yards in front of you. Everybody gets a good laugh and you eventually say “put me down for six” and you all move on. 

Unfortunately for Hadwin, his “relatable” gaffe gets instantly sent out on video for all the internet to see, and he has to take his drop and hit four from the same spot. A hilarious little moment about that you might notice – he switched clubs for the second shot. The original club was probably the right one, but you can’t use it again after that result. Has to be the club’s fault. 

Oh, and in case you were waiting with bated breath, wait no more. Jessica Hadwin has already chimed in:

Pitch perfect, as is tradition.