When in Rome (Australia), do as the Romans (Australians) do: tuck into some good ol’ Aussie cuisine.

The boys at Ripper GC took time out during an actioned-packed week at LIV Golf Adelaide to settle a longstanding debate: which Aussie biscuit reigns supreme?

Are Shapes the ultimate go-to snack? Do Tim Tams trump all when it comes to tantalising our tastebuds? Or do Kingston’s take the crown of best Aussie biscuit?

In a very unscientific study, Cam Smith, Marc Leishman and Matt Jones came up with their dream list of biscuity goodness. Warning: the results may shock some readers.

So, forget Australia’s Top 100 Courses for just a moment, here’s Ripper GC’s Top Aussie Biscuits of All Time: