In case you didn’t hear, Rickie Fowler made a hole-in-one at one of the world’s most famous golf courses, Pine Valley, on Wednesday. Thanks to a variety of sources, we learned the ace came on the downhill par-3 third, that Fowler used a 7-iron on the 182-yard shot, and that he was playing with Justin Thomas—and, apparently, New York Giants legend Eli Manning.

Fun pic! What we didn’t expect to see, however, is a video of the shot. But that’s exactly what we were treated to Thursday.

Have a look and listen as Fowler hits his tee shot and his group gets increasingly excited as his golf ball gets closer to the hole until it goes in and JT jumps on his back in celebration:

Awesome stuff. And very cool that even the best players in the world like to take those “just in case” videos on par 3s that us weekend hacks do.

So why didn’t we expect to see that? And why aren’t we sure the video will stick around? Well, Pine Valley, like Augusta National, has a notoriously strict cellphone policy. In other words, it’s very possible likely that the lads will receive a call/letter about this.

In any event, we’ll enjoy the video while we can. And we know Rickie and JT will treasure the fun memory forever.

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