It was an easy challenge – “too easy” for three of the four members of the all-Aussie Ripper GC.

On the eve of LIV Golf Adelaide 2024, Ripper GC captain Cam Smith initiated his latest team challenge to see which member would have to pay the ultimate price of humiliation at the tournament’s welcome party.

This year’s task was simple: slip in the words “too easy” during the team’s Wednesday press conference. The last team member to do so would have to wear a ‘loud’ shirt at the star-studded launch party later that evening.

Let the competition begin:

Poor Jonesy (Matt Jones). He knew his fate was sealed when the microphone was passed to Smith.

Fair play to Lucas Herbert, Marc Leishman and the skipper for getting down to business as quickly as possible – even if their “too easy” insertions made absolutely no sense and were devoid of any context whatsoever. But weren’t they happy with their efforts.

Let’s take one more look at that shirt:

Jones took it well. So well, we think this little number might just make it into his personal collection.

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