As Justin Thomas freely admitted on Monday night’s episode of ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’, golfers don’t really have swagger. Composure? Sure. Confidence? Definitely. But swagger? Yeah, not so much.

If any post-Tiger pro can be said to have it, however, it’s Thomas who showed up to the Big Apple in a leather jacket and dunks to teach Fallon – one the most swaggerless people in human history – golf’s ultimate swagger move, the club twirl. Check it out.

Obviously there wasn’t a lot of room to manoeuvre on set. In fact, it’s hilarious how nervous JT is throughout the segment that Fallon is going to accidentally cold cock him (can’t say we blame him). But Thomas is a pro’s pro and he hangs in there, demonstrating both the Tiger Twirl – a right-hand dominant version that includes a sword-sheathing motion for added style points – and JT’s preferred left-handed method, which drops straight down in the pocket, clean and simple.

As for Fallon, well, he might be the worst club twirler on earth. He’s definitely plays up his bumbling incompetence for comedic effect – this, at its essence, is the Fallon Brand – but you can’t shake the feeling that Fallon is manually twirling his club not for laughs, but because the physics genuinely confound him.

Either way, kudos to JT for playing along. After this Fallon pitstop, what’s next for the 2022 Wanamaker winner? Teaching James Corden how to putter flip, of course.