When there’s cabbage on the line, a player will resort to any play, improbability be damned. Going for a water-guarded green from a buried lie? Sure. Trying to thread the needle through branches instead of punching out? Of course. Driver off the deck from a distance Dustin Johnson couldn’t reach? Pull the damn trigger. And if your ball is partially submerged in the mud? Well, take off your shirt and go for broke. Just ask Tom Lovelady.

Lovelady, a Web.com Tour graduate and roommate of Justin Thomas, found himself in the Florida waters in a match with the Player of the Year. A moment Thomas thankfully captured:


Lovelady made a nice recovery (at least according to Thomas’ commentary). Of course, the outcome is secondary. That a US PGA Tour player was willing to bear skin in a casual round shows Lovelady is a man of the people.