After a record-day of scoring, the second round of the 2023 US Open has featured a lot more par putts. That doesn’t mean those still can’t be exciting.

Enter Cameron Smith, who turned a pretty straightforward 12-footer on his fourth hole on Friday into highlight-reel material. Check it out as the Aussie pulled off what might just be the earliest walk-in putt in US Open history:

How saucy is that? Even Kevin Na might think that’s a bit much. Just look at this freeze frame:

The ball was a good four feet away from the cup when he started after it. And he got in a full three steps before it dropped. Impressive.

Of course, there’s always a chance Smith started walking after it so quickly because he thought it was going to miss. But . . . we’re giving the guy who is arguably the best putter on the planet the benefit of the doubt.

More importantly, the par save kept Smith at three-under and firmly in the mix midway through the second round at Los Angeles Country Club. If he starts doing this on birdie putts, the rest of the field better watch out.