Excuse the SPOILER ALERT, but if you’ve watched Season 2 (or even Season 1) of Netflix’s “Full Swing,” then none of what you’re about to hear will be new information. Matt Fitzpatrick has a younger brother named Alex Fitzpatrick who is also a tour pro. Matt Fitzpatrick is a very analytical tour pro. Alex Fitzpatrick is not.

The two were the focus of a great episode 5, where we saw all of that unfold nicely, starting with them pairing at last year’s Zurich Classic. But on the eve of this year’s tournament, we got a nice refresher about just how different they are.

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It started with a question about how often they get to see each other and although Matt, the 2022 U.S. Open champ, said Alex lives in his house, they rarely cross paths with such different schedules (Alex plays on the DP World Tour). But then they were asked what activities other than golf they like when they do see each other, and, well, apparently, their interests don’t really align.

Q. What do you enjoy doing when you are together?


Q. Do you have a favorite activity other than golf?

ALEX FITZPATRICK: No, the issue is we’re opposite people. He loves looking at Excel spreadsheets, and I like playing video games. There’s probably not too much in common.

Just a little brotherly love. And it’s even better when you watch the video:

Just look at Matt’s expression when Alex hits him with the Excel spreadsheets line.


But those differing personalities didn’t hold them back on the course in New Orleans last year when the duo finished T-19. And they’re among the betting favorites for this year’s event at 22-to-1, according to DraftKings.

When it comes to which team will produce the most eye-rolls, however, Vegas will not be taking any bets. These guys are a lock.

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