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Bubba's junkyard - Australian Golf Digest Bubba's junkyard - Australian Golf Digest

Bubba’s junkyard

In this 20-minute range session, you’ll see two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson in rare shotmaking form, with ball tracers on every swing. Watch as he breaks down his go-to shots from tee to green, ending with his infamous Sky Chip. Try Bubba’s target practice to incorporate competition into your range time, and see how he’s able to adjust his swing on the fly during a hilarious game of “Call My Shots.” Use Bubba’s simple tips to get your ball control dialed in—and blow away your buddies.

Range work doesn’t always have to be serious. Watch as Bubba shows off his favourite shots and explains the techniques he uses to hit them. Whether he’s winning the Masters or goofing with his friends, there’s no shot Bubba won’t try.

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