The Champion Golfer of the Year is now the Celebratory Golfer of the Year as well.

We knew Cameron Smith liked to party when he started sizing up the claret jug to see how many beers could fit in it the moment he got his hands on it. Actually, we knew that well before that because anyone who rocks a mullet likes to party. That’s just science. But it seems like he saved his biggest rager for his recent win in his home country.

Smith was emotional just upon returning to Australia for the first time in three years, but it turned into a rather productive trip as he claimed the Australian PGA Championship for a third time in his career. And then he celebrated by watching a replay of that win at the bar of the Breakfast Creek Hotel, which is about a 20-minute drive from the golf course he grew up playing, Wantima Country Club. As you can imagine, it was quite a scene.

And here’s another of Smith, who still buys drinks for everyone at his home club Wantima when he wins. This video was form the Breakfast Creek Hotel, Smith’s favourite pub in Brisbane. He’s getting the pints of beer flowing. Literally. Smith is in the field for this week’s Australian Open in Melbourne.

What a guy! You love to see it. Talk about a triumphant return.