As Bob Frost once wrote, nothing gold can stay, and when it comes to sports broadcasting, Verne Lundquist is the pure, 24K stuff. This year, the 83-year-old will call his 40th and final Masters, gracing golf fans with his iconic croon one last time. With such a long and lasting career, Lundquist has played his part in many unforgettable sports moments through the years, from Christian Laettner’s “The Shot” to Auburn’s “Kick Six.” But when asked on Thursday which moment topped them all, his mind drifted back to Augusta National.

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“It’s 1 and 1A”, Lundquist said when prompted about Jack Nicklaus’ incredible green-jacket run in 1986 and Tiger Woods’ tantalizing 16th-hole chip-in in 2005, which Lundquist punctuated with an unforgettable “Oh…MY!”

“I give slight deference to the older guy,” Lundquist continued, as eloquent and lucid as ever. “Because he’s six months older than I am and I will never let him forget that. But I mean they’re interchangeable.”

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That’s as close to a tie as you’re ever going to get in the world of golf. The Nicklaus call has the history and prestige. The Tiger call has the drama and emotion. Take your pick, but like all of Lundquist’s calls over the course of his esteemed career, you truy can’t go wrong.


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