WHO: Kieran Fankhauser 

POSITION: CEO of Yarra Bend Golf  

WHERE: Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield VIC 3078

When did you install Toptracer Range? 

We first installed Toptracer in June 2019, and initially we had 28 bays installed. Over time, with the success of the product, we ultimately went on to install another 12 bays, and in addition to that, we installed the mobile-device option, which allows our customers to use Toptracer on a grass tee.  

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Why Toptracer Range? 

There were three reasons we chose Toptracer Range. The first was that the commercial arrangement Toptracer offers certainly was in alignment with what we wanted to do. Being a lease agreement, that was advantageous. The second reason was that we had ultimately gone to another venue, and we saw customers interacting with the Toptracer technology, and that really validated the product and the engagement that customers have with the product. The third reason was that it was supported on tour as a technology used by professional golfers. 

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How has the technology been received by Yarra Bend Golf customers? 

The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve really found that our customers engage with the technology. About 90 percent of our clientele are using Toptracer when they come and practise at our facility, and that number really spans all demographics. One question that we wanted to know was how applicable this technology was for all of our customers. It’s been very pleasing to see that, regardless of demographic profile, people are engaging with the technology we now offer.  

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What effect has Toptracer Range had on the Yarra Bend Golf business?  

Toptracer Range has affected our business very positively. We’re seeing three key areas: the first is that our existing clientele are now practising more often. We’re also able to recruit new customers on the basis of the technology. And thirdly, it supported our ability to charge a price premium.  

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What advice would you give to other driving ranges that may be considering upgrading their facilities? 

If you’re a driving range and you’re thinking about investing in Toptracer Range, obviously you’ve got to assess it within the context of your own business. But, certainly from our perspective, we’ve found that irrespective of the golfers that you have at your golf club or that come to your driving range, they’ll interact with Toptracer and they’ll have a better practice experience. 

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