Robert Trent Jones Jnr is known for his love of wild contours, which are evident at most of his Australian designs. Meadow Springs, however, was more an exercise in restraint for the prolific American course architect. Which isn’t to suggest the course south of Perth is bland by comparison – far from it. Instead, the layout’s natural features are given centre stage. Combining two distinct nines, Meadow Springs wends its way between stands of centuries-old tuart trees, past and over several expansive water hazards and through moderate dunes. The putting surfaces do hold some shape,
but their subtlety adds to the course’s allure. 


Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club

Ranking in 2022: 82nd

Prior rankings: 84th (2020), 73rd (2018), 78th (2016), 70th (2014), 65th (2012), 65th (2010), 78th (2008), 53rd (2006), 44th (2004), 36th (2002), 36th (2000), 31st (1998), 26th (1996), 35th (1994), 29th (1991)

Where: Meadow Springs Drive, Meadow Springs WA 6210

Phone: (08) 9581 6002