Prior to 2006, the Central Coast region of New South Wales offered golfers several good-but-not-great courses. That changed when course architect Ross Watson unveiled what he described as his premier body of work upon an isthmus of land north of The Entrance. While the site required some massaging, the heavy undulations and linksy look of Magenta Shores appears anything but contrived. It is difficult, even on a rare still day right beside the Pacific Ocean, yet the course is eminently enjoyable for golfers content to have their pride pummelled.

Watson converted the former rubbish tip into the best new course north of Sydney to open this century. Perhaps only the ultra-exclusive Ellerston, a few hours’ drive inland, can rival such a claim. Watson did so by asking golfers to evaluate their ability and their bravery on every shot throughout the 18 holes. While the difficulty factor has been softened in recent years, that trait endures. There are moments to be daring and times to exercise caution at Magenta Shores; it’s up to the golfer to decide which is which.                                

First National Top 100 SpotlightThe Details

Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club

Ranking in 2018: 22nd

Prior rankings: 23rd (2016), 26th (2014), 27th (2012), 28th (2010), 24th (2008)

Where: Magenta Drive, Magenta Shores NSW 2261

Phone: (02) 4336 0100