It’s Valentine’s Day, which means one of two things if you’re in a relationship: You’re going to still be together tomorrow or you’ll somehow be back on the dating apps. Unfortunately, Tony Finau’s closer to that second option than he’d like to be. OK, so maybe Finau won’t be back on Tinder anytime soon but not asking his wife to be his Valentine night force him to look through the Golf Digest Hot List for club replacements.

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Yes, that’s Alayna Finau offering her husband’s clubs for 99 cents on TikTok since he never explicitly asked her to be his Valentine. “Golf Clubs for sale, 99 cents,” Alayna noted. “Hits far, thick grips, custom leather, head covers, Foresight launch monitor included.”

That’s a cruel punishment but unfortunately well-deserved for the World No. 23. The man’s been married since 2012. He should know by now how important this holiday is and how critical a card and flowers are.

“I’m not on TikTok but yesterday one of the equipment reps said to me, ‘Your wife is so funny. I can’t believe she’s selling [your clubs] for 99 cents.’” Finau said at a Genesis Invitational presser. “I just went along with it and smiled but in my head, I was thinking, ‘I don’t really know what he’s talking about,’ “Then I went on Instagram and saw a post about it and I had a good laugh. It’s too funny.”

It seems like everything’s okay in the Finau household, but that was certainly a close call. You can be sure that Finau will be asking his wife to be his Valentine next year, perhaps as early as January. And let this be a reminder for all of you out there: Get those requests in early or your love (and clubs) might be gone at a moment’s notice.

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