Spider-Man is a superhero. He can take a dingin’ and keep on swingin’. Tom Holland, the latest Hollywood star to don the Spidey suit, is merely human, however. Sure, he’s been the star of one of biggest movie franchises in history. Yes, he’s dating Zendaya. But when it comes to golf-course mishaps, he’s flesh and blood just like the rest of us.

On Monday, Holland took to Instagram to share an image of a golf ball-sized welt on this forehead, which he sustained during a family golf outing last week. While the actor was no worse for the wear, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to show up to the Met Gala looking like he just got in a fist fight with a Titleist, especially with Nelly Korda in attendance.


“You can almost see the dimples,” Holland quipped, linking to the story of the injury on his dad’s Patreon (yes, his dad has a Patreon for some reason).

“It was hit by a sand wedge from 80 yards albeit by a scratch golfer who should have known better and frankly been more accurate,” Dominic Holland explained. “The offending player was Alex Roberts, a close friend of Tom’s… without knowing that his most important and highly valuable friend was off the green to his left.”

Tom Holland’s face watching Jon Rahm’s opening tee shot at the BMW PGA Championship pro-am pretty much says it all

“Whack. The ball struck Tom on the right of his forehead. Had it been just a few centimetres to his left or right… It was a great shock and it certainly hurt, hence why Tom hit the turf as though he’d been shot,” Dominic continued, adding that his son’s “woolly hat offered some protection”.

Wild stuff, but we’re glad to hear it was just a sand wedge and that Holland is OK. With a little ice and some help from the good folks in make-up, Holland will be ready for his next scene in no time.