Love was in the air on Wednesday. Not only was it Valentine’s Day, but Tiger Woods may have found a new playing partner in Josh Allen. The Buffalo Bills QB and the 15-time major champ joined forces at the Genesis Invitational Pro-Am, and it would be an understatement to say that Woods enjoyed his time with the 27-year-old NFL superstar.

“Josh’s game, considering what he does for a living and the pounding that he takes on the body, the fact that he’s been able to play this game, you can see the enjoyment that he has and the addiction that he has for the game of golf,” Woods said. “He asked unbelievable questions today about how he can get better that only athletes really can ask those type of questions.

“That’s what’s neat about being able to play with athletes, see how their brain works. We’re very similar across the board whether we’re playing football or golf or baseball, how we look at things are very consistent.”

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We’d love to know how many times Allen said “BIG DOG” on Wednesday or if he was told (by his publicist, friends and/or Hailee Steinfeld) that he should probably keep the meme references to a minimum.

Nevertheless, Josh Allen admitted that he was left “speechless” after meeting Woods at last year’s Genesis, and now the two dove into golf strategy and shared some laughs at Riviera. It’s a hell of a jump from starstruck to hanging with the stars.

“He’s one of the only athletes ever, him and Kobe are the only two guys, that I actually felt my heart beat faster,” Allen said last year.

Maybe the two will tee it up again sometime. Allen is certainly smitten with Woods and Woods is apparently charmed by the QB’s golf IQ. That’s a match made in heaven on the course.

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