THE late Earl Woods was renowned for his wisdom, but did he accurately predict the exact number of Majors Tiger would win?

Apparently so. According to an article in Sports Illustrated by Tim Rosaforte on September 4, 1995, Earl made a bold prophecy after Tiger’s record third straight US Amateur Championship victory.

The article reads:


“I’m going to make a prediction,” Earl Woods said that Sunday night, as champagne both tingled and loosened his tongue. “Before he’s through, my son will win 14 major championships.”

However, Earl denied the claims years later and condemned the writer for taking advantage of his celebratory state.

“That was supposed to be a privileged conversation,” Earl Woods told Golf Digest (US) in 2001. “We were at the US Amateur and we were celebrating Tiger’s win, and this reporter violated that.”

At the time Earl refuted the facts, Tiger was 26 years of age and six Majors deep into his career.

“I will not put a limitation on Tiger in the form of a prediction,” Earl said. “I have no clue. There are so many things that can affect him, especially injury.”

Still, it’s enough to make your spine tingle that a man who knew Tiger better than anyone could foresee such an accomplishment in world sport…