Remember those old “these guys are good” commercials? Of course you do. They’re probably the best ad campaign the PGA Tour ever concocted. They were effective because they were simple and drove at the heart of why we watch professional golf:

Because these guys do stuff we can only dream of everytime they stand over a golf ball (or shopping trolley, as it were).

We aren’t dredging up grainy YouTube videos of guys who aren’t even tour players anymore purely out of nostalgia, however. On Tuesday, TaylorMade released this video of world No.1 Scottie Scheffler guessing the distance of each club in his bag entirely by feel, and the results play out like a real-life version of one of those classic TV spots. Check it out:

Launch monitor, smaunch monitor. This is the pro golf equivalent of a carnival barker guessing strangers’ weights. As some have pointed out, Scheffler probably knows the variance of each club in his bag by 10 yards or so, making this slightly less clairvoyant than it seems, but still there’s no replacement for repetition, and it’s clear Scheffler has hit these clubs a lot over the past year. Or maybe, as the old saying goes, these guys are just good.